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How to get a good deal on loans with bad credit

Having bad credit doesn’t have to stop you from getting a great deal on your loan. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Compare as many loan companies as you can. Interest rates can offer wildly amongst loan companies. We recommend at least getting a quote from 3 companies, but more is better. The more companies you compare the better chance of finding a deal you have. Our quotes tool above makes comparing loans companies easy. Enter your info, and get a quote!
  2. Make sure your credit report is accurate. 1 in 4 consumers discovers an error on their credit report which can affect their credit score. Improving your credit score is one of the best ways to get lower interest on your loans. We highly recommend getting a credit check done and making sure everything is accurate (Source).

Types of Bad Credit Loans

Payday Loans

Payday loans are some of the worst loans available to the general public. We highly recommend you do not apply for payday loans. Here’s why:

Very high interest rates. Payday loans are generally have the highest interest rate of all loans available to you, so never go with them! Take the time to properly apply for a loan with your bank, credit union or any other financial institution. The reason most people get payday loans is because of how quick and easy it is to get them, so don’t be tempted by quick cash.


Car Title Loans

An auto title loan, or as it’s more commonly known: car title loan; is a loan where you are required to use your car as collateral. Normally car tile loans have very competitive interest rates because you’re providing collateral to the lender.

It’s very important to note, that if you do not pay your loan back to the agreed terms you will lose your car! Do not get a car tile loan unless you are 100% certain you can pay it back.


Personal Loans

Personal loans are the most common type of loan you can get. Most credit unions, banks and financial institutions will offer personal loans.

Personal loans can be hard to get with bad credit, but not impossible. Depending on your credit history you may need to get a co-signer for a loan; or need to have collateral.

Personal loans are the best type of loans to get because they usually offer the best interest rates, terms and have the backing of large and reputable institutions.

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